Estimating Services

We can provide a variety of estimating services to enhance your existing team or provide a complete estimating service from start to finish. 

The Services we offer are as follows:

  • Tender enquiry technical reviews to identify any anomalies which we will seek to clarify via an RFI (Request for Information) either through yourselves or directly with your customer as requested 
  • Drawing Take-offs providing a full detailed schedule of materials required against each drawing revision enabling efficient tracking of variations as drawings are revised
  • Full Quotation package encompassing the above but also speaking with specified manufactures and Specialists along with your approved supply chain to provide a complete quotation against the provided tender documentation 
  • Value Engineering (VE)- With the current market increases Clients are constantly finding their projects when market tested are insufficient as such project savings are required either by scope reduction, alternative installation methods or alternative products & Solutions. we can review your tender documentation and advise on potential VE options that you can put forward to your client for consideration

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